Video Drill Manual

With music used by permission, courtesy of the Fifes and Drums of the 41st Regiment of Foot (at Fort George).

Yorker Drill Video I

Commands Covered:

Position of a Soldier (without firelock)

Pause between drill movements



Yorker Drill Video II

Commands Covered:

Right Face

Left Face

Right About Face



Yorker Drill Video III

Commands Covered:

Take Care, or Handle Arms

Ease Your Arms

Clap Hands




Yorker Drill Video IV

Commands Covered:

Rest Firelock (from the Order)

Shoulder Firelock (from the Rest)

Standing at the Shoulder

Rest Firelock (from the Shoulder)

Order Firelock (from the rest)



Yorker Drill Video V

Commands Covered:

Order Firelock (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder Firelock (from the Order)



Yorker Drill Video VI

Commands Covered:

Trail Firelock (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder Firelock (from the Trail)

Trail Firelock (from the Order)

Order Firelock (from the Trail)



Yorker Drill Video VII

Commands Covered:

Advance Firelock (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder Firelock (from the Advance)



Yorker Drill Video VIII

Commands Covered:

Fix bayonet (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder arms (after fixing bayonet)

Unfix Bayonet (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder Firelock (after unfixing bayonet)



Yorker Drill Video IX

Commands Covered:

Charge Bayonet (from the Shoulder)

Shoulder Arms (from the Charge)



Yorker Drill Video X

Commands Covered:

Recover Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Charge)



Yorker Drill Video XI

Commands Covered:

Secure Firelock

Erect Firelock (from the Secure)



Yorker Drill Video XII

Commands Covered:

Search Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Search)



Yorker Drill Video XIII

Commands Covered:

Poise Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Poise)



Yorker Drill Video XIV

Commands Covered:

Slope Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Slope)



Yorker Drill Video XV

Commands Covered:

Carry Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Carry)



Yorker Drill Video XVI

Commands Covered:

Support Firelock

Shoulder Firelock (from the Support)



Yorker Drill Video XVII

Commands Covered:

Ground Firelock

Take-Up Firelock



Yorker Drill Video XVIII

Commands Covered:

Prime and Load

The load sequence, standing and kneeling