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The History of the Yorker Grenadiers
Today's Yorker Grenadiers
Lieut. John Prenties
The Original Grenadiers

The grenadiers in today’s regiment are of all ages with our youngest (in 2008) loyal refugee being 7 years old (we have had children as young as 6 weeks who, many years later, are still active participants) and our oldest solider well into his 60’s. Our current grenadiers come from all walks of life and share an interest in learning about, teaching and living the history of loyalist soldiers and their families. Many of us have other hobbies, such as weaving, sewing, embroidery, leather work, blacksmithing and woodworking, related to 18th century occupations.

We are a strongly family oriented group with husbands, wives and children playing the roles of husbands, wives and children facing the social unrest caused when they chose the freedom of life under a stable government dedicated to law and order rather than submit to the mob rule of committees of safety and congresses who had seized power in their communities. There are currently two father and sons combinations falling in as soldiers and several mother-daughter groups participating as refugees. Of course many of our members also participate as individuals.

Our camp life is especially enjoyable as we pride ourselves on the quality (and quantity) of food and drink prepared and provided in camp.

Tactically the grenadiers strive to be proficient in both light infantry and line tactics so we can carry out or provide support for the roles of either the lights or Duncan’s company. We also try to maintain a high standard of drill for the special roles grenadiers play in ceremonial occasions.

2Lt Alex Lawrence