The Distaff & Lights

All women and children in the King's Royal Yorkers belong to a section known as the Yorker Loyal Refugees (Distaff, for short). Like any other Company in the regiment, the Distaff have a uniform standard and a command structure. This standard has been carefully researched and developed through loads of hard work and time in.

We do not welcome girlfriends or spouses who show up, don some psuedo kit and hang out with the Company without formally joining the organization. Of course, your significant other can try it out without joining (we certainly don't want someone to join and then discover it's not her thing); but it is best to borrow reasonably accurate kit and take some time to learn how to appear the part.

Many women in the regiment associate with a particular Company and that's cool, the Lights are no different. However, every woman in the regiment is first and foremost a member of the Distaff section.

So, women are welcome to join the Lights but must subscribe and follow the standards laid down by the Distaff. This requires formally introducing themselves to the Distaff Command, formally joining the Yorker Loyal Refugees, getting a Starter Kit and taking the time to build kit to the Distaff standard.

For more information regarding the Distaff see "Spirited Women", KRRNY Distaff.

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