Okay, so we in the modern age cheat.

In the 18th century the haversack was primarily for food rations and believe it! It was filled to the brim!

Today, the haversack is the "man-purse" of the reenactor. It stores all personal goods -- your rations, your comforts, such as your pipe and tobacco.

We tend to downplay the importance of the haversack as just simply a bag. A haversack to the modern reenactor is more than that. It's possibly a soldier's most important piece of personal kit.

Filling your haversack with period equipment can be a fun and satisfying project. By clicking on the haversack above, you can take a look inside for an idea of what a soldier's personal life may have looked like and some items the reenactor will find fun and useful.

If you really want to go hardcore, all of this stuff should be placed in a period backpack.

The King's Royal Yorkers