This page is just a simple reference guide. If you are just starting out it is highly reccomended you read (and then re-read) the Light Coy. Primer, from cover to cover.

Every member of the Company buys, makes and builds his kit. The word kit describes the posessions that go into an individual's historical portrayal.

Some people go hogwild and spend a lot of money on their kit. Others stick with the bare minimum. Whatever your aspiration, this guide is here to help you plot out

what you will need as part of the minimum kit requirements and what you might want to plan on getting as you get more and more obsessed with your hobby. The trick here is to do it right the first time. This guide is divided into three columns each covering a distinct phase of the kit building process. The first column deals with the minimum kit requirements for being a Light Bob. This is the column for new people and covers the "gotta haves". New members should strive to complete this column before moving onto the next phase which is for more established members. The "stage 2" column details the "nice to haves" but not neccessarily the "need to haves". The final column is for those members who want to go bananas and either construct or purchase more exotic additions to their kit. We like to refer to this column as the "totally obsessed with the hobby haves".

Stage 1 - minimum kit requirements

green uniform coat
green Light infantry waistcoat
Light infantry cap
breeches or trousers
period-acceptable footwear
belt axe
black leather belting (webbing)
Indian leggings
mess kit (reproduction mug, bowl, spoon)
extra flints
musket tool


Stage 2 - building on the foundation

3 period blankets
housewife (sewing kit)
musket maintenance kit
flint and steel fire kit
pipe and tobacco
work shirt
forage hat (bonnet, diderot)
extra clothes (shirts, stockings etc.)
games (cards, dice)
period glasses if you need them.
soldier's knife


Stage 3 - Adding the nice touches

fancy indian garters
geegaws (snuff boxes, compass, wallet, flask, useless junk)
fine-cut civilian kit (for after- hours foppery)
rain slicker
oil skin tarp
winter equipment (snowshoes etc.)
cooking equipment
period hygiene kit
forage tools
powder horn
mitts / gloves


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