Every Light infantry man is responsible for his own health and welfare at an event. This includes food.

Members of the Lights are required to look after their own nutrition at events. As such they are encouraged to research and pack accordingly a quantity of provisions that will satisfy any hunger that occurs during an event. Naturally period foods are preferred but for the sake of health and happiness, no one will groan if you keep a small cooler of nature bars, trail mix, V8, etc. handy. However, if you do, the strict rule is keeping the modern stuff out of sight and in the tent.

Issued Rations

At most events the Lights will try to organize a mess system that includes at least one quality meal, usually the evening supper, sometimes breakfast as well. This meal will usually be offered as period issued rations. Examples of rations include salt beef, hard biscuit, pease porridge, cheese, etc. all of which belieive it or not can be purchased from your local grocery. These provisions will be provided to the Company by a mess leader for a twofold purpose. A - to keep the Company together for the evening meal thus build spirit and camradre. B - experiment period cooking tecniques and recipies.

These rations are issued by the Company but you are responsible for paying into the pot for their cost. This is typically less than $5 per event per mouth.

The Mess Leader

Everyone at some point will be asked to be a mess leader. The mess leader holds a breveted rank of corporal for the event he serves for, but, before getting all drunk with the power know that the rank comes at a price!

A Mess leader is responsible for making sure the rations get purchased, issued, and prepared for a meal. He is reponsible for making sure the firepit is laid, the wood collected and water drawn and the equipment cared for. However, he is only a foreman, and not the one who does all the work by himself. That's where the rest of the Company comes in.

A Mess leader has the rank to issue duty orders at whim. For the meal he will assign a wood and fire detail, water and cleaning detail and requisition any number of henchmen to help him in his evil plan for world domination (i.e. chop vegetables, stir pots and fry bacon).

A Mess Leader DOES NOT!

Cook all the food himself
Clean all the pots himself
Buy provisions without compensation
Expect the women to do all the work
Issue orders to officers and NCOs (although they are expected to help out when they can!)
allow the Company mess tin to sit out in the rain
poison the serjeant

A Mess Leader DOES!

organize the purchase of provisions as per officer's orders
Store the provisions while at an event
Issue rations when needed
issue orders to have firepits prepared
issue orders to have wood and water collected
issue cooking duty orders
issue cleaning duty orders
make sure the Company equipment is cared for

The First Rule of the Mess!

We here in the Lights belive a woman's place is NOT in the kitchen*. Soldiers did not bring their mommys on campaign and neither do we!

One might ask what did the camp followers and refugees do then? The answer: sweet nothing! Women in the 18th century were a burden on the army and it's a well known fact that ours have a mandate to continue that fine tradition. In short, men were responsible for their own cooking then and so they remain now!

Seriously, Women of the Light Company are extremely helpful and have rescued the guys out of some tight food troubles on many occasions. In addition, Company women are expected to help out and can be issued orders by the Mess Leader. However the important thing to remember here is women are not here to take care of you. This is the 18th century, when women were free, not the bleedin' backward 1950's!

*no, we're not telling you where we believe it is.------ - top secret ----------------need-to-know.


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