Corporal Lougheed knows it's a big pain in the ass when a guy comes crawling to the officers to announce he's forgotten something important (like a musket), or he's not feeling well because he hasn't slept or eaten or because he's done something daft to ruin his health in the last 24 hours (like drinking 27 bowls of punch).

That Corporal Lougheed, he's no slouch! Corporal Lougheed is the model Light soldier, independent, dependable and self sufficient. We love Corporal Lougheed!

As we all aspire to be like Corporal Lougheed, here's an inside look into the master's brain (aieeeeeee!), at how he plans for an event.

Corporal Lougheed is a veteran Light who has been at this for a while. As such, he's developed a simple four- step formula that insures he's never in want of basic kit, and comforts while on campaign.

In addition to being let into his sordid secret, we've also put together an online packing list to use as you get ready for the next event!

Right then! On to the formula... It's really simple, consisting of four basic questions you ask yourself while you're packing before an event.

Can I eat?

Should I be packing snacks or are all the meals provided? Will I be healthy all weekend?

Can I sleep?

Where am I living? Will I be warm, dry and comfortable all weekend. Do I have shelter? etc.

Can I fight?

Do I have all the kit I need? What kind of fight lies ahead? Do I have adequate ammunition?

Can I get there?

Am I driving myself? Do I have room for another? If not, do I need to arrange a ride for me and my kit?

Step 1 -- Can I eat?

Eating!? oh yeah, eating! that's important right?

Running around in the hot sun or pouring rain all weekend can be rough on the system. Yet, so many of us put eating on the back burner and just assume food will make it to our mouths at some point. As a result may tend to go for hours without a proper meal and those provisions that pass into are system are either so laced with sugar or alchohol that they do more damage than good.

At most events, the Company mess leader will organize at least the saturday supper if not breakfasts. That leaves us fending for ourselves at lunch and what not.

Eating can go a long way to making your weekend much more comfortable and enjoyable. One should never assume they are going to be fed and thus should plan accordingly. Every man should bring enough personal food in the from of snacks and lunches that they won't go hungry. See the domesticks section for more information on period snack ideas. It is okay to bring non-period snacks and food as we'd rather have you healthy than correct but please remember that any modern food packaging should NEVER BE SEEN.

The eating question also includes planning your hydration strategy. By keeping a plan to be fed and watered, you won't end up dead by the end of the weekend. Proper nutrition should never be forgotten.

Also, asking the question "Can I eat?" also includes the fun stuff but we won't get into that as it's a well known fact that the first thing on a Light's packing list is his grog supply.

Step 2 -- Can I sleep?

Asking the sleep question covers a whole range of things like shelter to weather conditions. This one is all about where you are living for the weekend and making sure you are going to be comfortable.

The first concern here is whether you have shelter. If you own your own tent, you're covered (no pun intended). If you don't, than what are you doing about it? Can you bunk in with someone? Is there a barn or fort at the event you can crash in?

Once you've found a place you can make your own corner for the weekend, you want to consider the actual act of sleeping. So many people shiver the night away and wake up looking like hung-over zombies. There's an art to getting a good night sleep at an event and crashing in your car is not one of them.

Without getting into details on the art of sleeping at an event, suffice to say, you should be asking yourself if you have adequete blankets and bedding to be warm and dry. This means preparing for the weather and finding out ahead of time if straw or pine boughs will be available at the event.

The sleeping question also covers kit and how it is packed. Things like packs, blankets, sheep skins, oil skins, tents and anything that aids in you being comfortable at night is covered under this category.

Step 3 -- Can I fight?

Uniform, weapons, and ammunition are all covered under this category. This one might be a no brainer, but one would be surprised at how often an essential piece of kit gets left behind. The trick here is to make sure you pack with a list. Luckily there's a handy dandy packing list at the bottom of this page!

The fight questions also takes into account how many cartridges you should be rolling before an event. Usually the Yorker newsletter will often have hints as to what scale of battle we will be engaged. If that's not adequate talk to your officers or NCO's.

Step 4 -- Can I get there?

Nothing is more frustrating to an NCO than having the dreaded phone call two nights before an event looking for a ride. If you have no wheels you need to arrange transport well ahead of the game. We try our very best to make sure car pooling is available, especially for the long range expeditions.

Likewise, if you have a vehicle and room, offering a ride to a fellow is most courteous. The thing about this one is you have to make sure it's done ahead of time.



DOWNLOAD the pdf packing list. Have two copies, one before you depart and one you can take with you and have when you are packing to come home. Below is a summary of Corporal Lougheed's forumla and the packing items associated with it.

Can I eat?

Personal Provisions
mess bowl
soldier's knife

See the packing list for more>>


Can I sleep?

3 period blankets
oil skin tarp
oil skin shirt
sheep skins
work shirt
forage hat (bonnet, didero)
extra clothes (shirts, stockings etc.)

See the packing list for more>>


Can I fight?

belts (webbing)
belt axe
cartridge box
musket cleaning kit
powder horn

See the packing list for more>>


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