At the present time, there is a lot of ongoing research and a lot of unanswered questions regarding the KRRNY uniform. For a complete picture of the current state of the union, one is advised to read Gavin Watt's "Where We've Been, Where We Are, and How We Got There" article. This article summarizes the latest theories, and what we as an organization are doing about it.

Meanwhile, to the left is an image of what we believe the Light infantry man looked like in 1777. (please ignore John's crazy sunglasses!)

His weapons consist of either a musket issued by the Crown or a hunting piece brought from home. In this case our man sports a Light Infantry fusil. At his left side he has a bayonet for the musket and a belt axe for chopping firewood. On his right are cartridges, carried in a pouch called a "Rawle's" box. All his leather is black balled.

Also on his left is a water canteen and a haversack, where he carrys all his personal items such as a sewing kit and rations. On his back he carrys a pack with all his bedding and perhaps an extra pair of socks or a shirt.

On his head he wears a distinctive felt Light infantry hat plumed with a flash of red horse hair.

The uniform coat is a green wool coatee with "royal" blue lapel facings. Likewise his waistcoat is green and is a special 'camisole' pattern employed by the Lights.

His trousers are a durable hemp linen known as drilling and his lower leg is covered in wollen leggings fashioned after the Indian style. On his feet he sports shoes or a special boot called a hi-low.

The 18th century sunglasses are meant to demonstrate that the soldier in question is recovering from a serious disease of his delicate bits. :)

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