In 1777, the British army in Canada mounted a major campaign to cut off New York province from the rest of the rebellious colonies.

General Burgoyne entered from the north down the Champlain valley while a modest force under Brigadier Barry St. Leger cut across the St. Lawrence to take the Mohawk valley from Oswego.

Along with Natives, regulars and other loyalists, Sir John Johnson's King's Royal Yorkers played a significant role in the operation. At the forefront of Sir John's forces was Captain Stephen Watt's Light Company, a hand picked and specially trained Company of the Yorkers.

The recreated 1st battalion Light Company attempts to capture the spirit of the Yorker's first (green) clothing period, at the height of their active service in 1777.

As a reenactment group we pride ourselves with both our portrayal and battlefield prowess. As they say, we're first in and last out of the action.

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The King's Royal Yorkers