who are the Lights?
Light Bob uniform
Lights and the Distaff
Captain Watts

V1.1 Light Bob primer (PDF)
kit building guide
make your own leggings
Cpl. Lougheed's packing tips
the domestick soldier
period firelock maintenance
whistle commands 101
gazelle carcass!


Welcome to the Light pages, a resource for the recreated 1st Battalion Light Company KRRNY.

If you are looking for information regarding our brothers in the late war clothing period, see Captain Singleton's Light Company.

If you've come here looking for some history and general information regarding the KRRNY Light Company's first clothing period start here.

Hopefully you are here to join up and take the bounty. If so go here.

If you are already a member of the Lights than you've come to right place. These pages are mostly for you! Use the left menu to access a virtual treasure chest of information.

The King's Royal Yorkers