The King’s Royal Yorkers is the largest of several Living History groups that are proud members of the Canadian Museum of Applied Military History. This historical project recreates Loyalist soldiers and their families who fled to Canada to form the first Loyalist regiment raised on Canadian soil. The American war of 1775 to 1783 saw the King’s Royal Yorkers on active service with the Northern Department.

The recreated King’s Royal Yorkers is commited to bringing alive Canada’s unique role during this conflict. Explore our site to learn more about our group and our historical mission.


McDonell’s Grenadier Company

Watts’ Light Infantry Company

Singleton's Light Infantry

Loyal Refugees and Followers

Associated Units

The Loyalist Fifes & Drums

Capt. Hermiker's Batteau Company

Uniform of Lieutenant Jeremiah French, King’s Royal Regiment of New York

This article first appeared in the on-line forum, Redcoat Images, edited by Gregory Urwin In May of 1783 Samuel Jan Holland, Surveyor General of Quebec and the Northern District of North America, sent his Deputy Surveyor James Peachey on an assignment to lay out lots...

Regiment Recreating

The Re-created King's Royal Yorkers - Uniform Research By Gavin K. Watt The articles that follow provide some great information about our interpretation of the KRRNY. Since Gavin founded the unit in 1975, substantial documentation about the KRR and its campaigns has...

Captain Duncan’s Horn

Captain Duncan's Horn Early in 2005 a powder horn came up for auction in England. It was described as having belonged to Captain Richard Duncan, our company’s commanding officer! Former Yorker, John Houlding, had a friend of his visit the auction house to photograph...

History of Reenacting

GRANDAD’S HISTORY OF CANADIAN REENACTING By Gavin K. Watt The earliest reenactment unit in Ontario that I've seen photographic evidence of was the Queen's Rangers as they marched into Historic Fort York - if I remember correctly, in the 1930's, which was probably for...

More Information on Provincial Uniforms

Royal Yorkers - Articles - More Information on Provincial Uniforms By Gavin K. Watt MORE INFORMATION ON PROVINCIAL UNIFORMS Chris Armstrong, Duncan's Company, came across the following letter. This is important information as it confirms the three units that were...