Awards – Yorker of the Year Background

Awards – Yorker of the Year

Yorker of the Year
presented to
The Private Soldier of the Col’s Coy who by his Spirit, Attendance and Bearing best celebrates the Memory of the original King’s Royal Yorkers (KRR NY)
The Governor Simcoe Branch
The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada


Yorker of the Year Trophy

The first presentation of the Yorker of Year trophy took place on May 19, 1980 at Toronto’s historic Fort York during the annual Military Festival. The recreated regiment was doubly honoured when the trophy was initially presented to Duff Steele by the sponsor, Charles Humber, the President of the Governor Simcoe Branch of the United Empire Loyalists’Association of Canada, and then by the famous Major-General Richard Rohmer, CMM, DFC, CD, QC, Chief of Reserves.

As can be seen from the trophy’s plate inscription below, the award was designed before the regiment grew to its current size and complexity; however, from its very inception, the unit’s officers decided to award the trophy only to Private soldiers. Three criteria ultimately came to be considered. 1. An individual’s ability to portray the role; 2. His/her event attendance, and 3. An individual’s willingness to provide those special assistances to the membership at large that are so critical to keeping an organization vibrant and healthy.

Over several years, the recreated elements of the regiment grew to include a Colour Party; Gun Section; Grenadier, Light Infantry and Line Companies and a body of women and young children known as the Loyal Refugees and Followers. Soon, members of all subdivisions of the regiment were declared eligible to win the trophy. The award was initially known as the Musketman of the Year trophy, but with the expansion of eligibility, it became known as the Yorker of Year trophy; however, the original plate inscription was not altered. In 1983, the trophy was awarded to the first Loyal Refugee.

Members are chosen for this award at the annual planning meeting of the regiment’s commissioned officers and senior NCOs. The leadership nominates individuals who have best represented the three important characteristics noted above during the immediate past season. These nominees are then voted upon. The winner is awarded the trophy during the unit’s annual Winter Party.

For many years, the previous season’s winner was presented an engraved plate featuring George Woodbridge’s excellent drawing of a Royal Yorker musketman. More recently, the plaque was replaced with a bronzed miniature of a Royal Yorker hatman created by Peter Twist, a past Yorker.

A list of recipients follows. Those marked with an asterisk continue as active members.

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One last bit of trophy lore, Bob Anglin provided a special carrying case to protect the trophy during transportation. With typical, wry Anglin humour, he mounted an engraved plaque which states:

This transit case is presented to the Reg’t by C.R. Anglin in fervent hope that it will preserve the trophy therein from the ravages of the hooligans that will certainly inherit it now that the 1980 recipient has been promoted to the rank of Corporal and is barred from further consideration